Engineers Teaching Algebra, provides an engaging learning experience, a virtual field trip for the classroom, with real world problem solving exercises that are relevant, fun and challenging, teaching algebra, math, science, language, STEAM education through hands-on activities.

We bring a Field Trip into Your Classroom

  • I see algebra in a whole new way!

  • Algebra helps people and it's fun!

  • Math is important to my future

  • Math and jobs go together!

  • I'm going to be an engineer

  • Math is a necessary language

  •         Algebra tells a story!

  • This is what an engineer looks like

An engaging, hands-on experience with activities that are challenging, fun and relevant.

Our mission is for students to have a fun and engaging engineering experience that deepens their appreciation for math. ENGINEERS TEACHING ALGEBRA is an inquiry-based program conducted in the spirit that a wrong answer is better than no answer and that persistence and imagination are integral problem solving tools.

Since 1994 ENGINEERS TEACHING ALGEBRA has been conducted with over 100,000 students in 1800 schools, in 38 states.

FAQ/Concern: Is this a one-shot deal? Is it just one visit and done?

Quote mark After one day my kids show more interest in math and a deeper appreciation as to why it matters. That's why I do it every year. It has a multiplier effect in the way it supports me as a teacher, enriches the curriculum and inspires students to take it seriously. It's a valuable experience, well worth the time and money. Quote mark
Jennifer Voccola, Math Teacher, Central Middle School, Greenwich CT
Quote mark We've had ENGINEERS TEACHING ALGEBRA for 10 years, half of those years I was the teacher in the classrooms they visited. When I moved to the front office as assistant principal I felt so strongly about the program that I made it a priority that they continue to return annually. Quote mark
Anita Block, Assistant Principal, River Trails Middle School, Mt Prospect IL
Quote mark Mark Love has been working with our students for more than eight years, it has become the highlight of our school year! Quote mark
Loretta Bastone, Math Teacher, HC Crittenden Middle School, Armonk NY
Quote mark He offered an amazing connection between what he does as an Engineer and algebraic formulas and representation. The students were all fully engaged and excited throughout. I myself have never seen such an interesting lesson in mathematics! Quote mark
Laura Siano, 8th grade math teacher, Uniondale NY