Feel free to contact any of our references:

  • Delaware - Bernadette Gilmore, Director of Curriculum, The Independence School, Newark

  • Illinois - Keir Rogers, Principal, River Trails Middle School, Mount Prospect

  •  “We can't thank you enough, the feedback from our students has been overwhelmingly positive. We saw students' minds opening to the possibility of STEM careers and their own potential. And, thanks to you, we have a few new algebra fans! You brought STEM concepts to them in a real, accessible way that we simply can't do as traditional classroom teachers. Your connections between the curriculum and real life applications are invaluable.” Team 8 faculty, Glen Rock Middle School, Glen Rock NJ

  • “We've been doing this for 15 years and the thing I enjoy the most is hearing back from former students who took up engineering in college, turned on through Mark Love's STEAM program.” Mark Sessa, 8th grade math teacher, Thompson Middle School, Middletown NJ

  • “He offered an amazing connection between what he does as an Engineer and algebraic formulas and representation. The students were all fully engaged and excited throughout. I myself have never seen such an interesting lesson in mathematics!” Laura Siano, 8th grade math teacher, Uniondale NY

  • “Thank you for an excellent response to our students’ frequent lament of 'No one ever uses this stuff.' Your helpful and encouraging demeanor indicated a person who is comfortable teaching and working with learners.” Sue Turner, Math Chair, Manchester High School, Shortsville NY

  • “Even the most resistant learners were engaged! Several students diligently worked on problem you left over the next few days,” Ann Fasano, 8th Grade Math Teacher, Freehold Intermediate School, Freehold NJ

  • “Mark Love and his outstanding ENGINEERS TEACHING ALGEBRA program has been coming to our school for over 10 years. It is hard to believe Mr. Love is not a teacher by profession - his style engages all students immediately. He challenges students to think critically and creatively in solving practical, real life problems.” Anita Block, Assistant Principal, River Trails Middle School, Mt. Prospect IL 

  • “Mark Love acted like a cheerleader, encouraging students to work hard in math ... he had students excitedly raising their hands and scrambling for their pencils. Mr. Love not only exposed the students to new career opportunities but energized them to excel in math and everything they do.” Pam Peterson-Daly, Math Teacher, Indiantown Middle School, Indiantown FL

  • “From a teacher’s perspective, I would like you to know that this workshop has given my students the boost they needed to get excited about their math again.” Melissa Kim, 8th Grade Math Teacher, Carmel Middle School, Carmel CA

  • “We teachers were happy to see the kids actively engaged and positively challenged. They all went away with a deeper appreciation of algebra and increased self-confidence.” Susan Loftus, 8th Grade Math Teacher, Kettering Middle School, Kettering OH

  • “In my 24 years of teaching, I can honestly say that your visit ranks high on the list of great days. Although we are a poor school district, the money we spent was invaluable when considering the lives you touched.” Martha Payne, High School Math Teacher, Montgomery County High School, Mt. Sterling KY

  • “It was such a pleasure and inspiration to see our students excited and engaged. All the teachers had high praise for the ease with which you were able to communicate. One student remarked that he now has a new outlook on math.” Dr. Joyce Goodson, Math Chair, Owings Mills High School, Owings Mills MD

  • “We’ve been happy to welcome Engineers Teaching Algebra for 12 years. Your program is successful because you don’t lecture the students, rather, you drop them right into a problem and show them that they have the tools to solve it. Our students enjoy working with you, you spark their interest, show them they are competent and then challenge them to do more.” Loretta Bastone, 8th Grade Math Teacher, H.C. Crittenden Middle School, Armonk NY

  • “You were amazing how you captured the attention of the students from the time class began. They responded well and interacted with you. You encouraged critical thinking, showed them how important team work is, ... and made them realize how algebra is applied as a tool for accuracy and efficiency in everyday life. You’re on the right track in helping teach and encourage our youth of today and leaders of tomorrow.” Dee Allison, Board Member, Quality Education Foundation, Okolona MS

  • “As a former middle school teacher, I am always intrigued by new programs and your program did not disappoint. The immediate feedback from the students was especially rewarding,” Heather Moran, Assistant Principal, Ann A. Mullen Middle School, Sicklerville NJ