ALGEBRA - Math is not a subject, it's a necessary language. Algebra, from the Arabic al-jabr means reunion of broken parts. Algebra supports STEAM in the way it bridges disparate academic fields and opens doors to a diverse, hi-tech economy.

MARK LOVE - ENGINEERS TEACHING ALGEBRA was initiated in 1994 by Mark Love, a managing engineer for a global transportation firm who applied algebra in job tasks right out of college. Trained and supervised by certified teachers he developed a teaching style that blends Socratic and scientific methods. He leads students in the belief that a wrong answer is better than no answer and that success is a function of imagination and persistence.

CLASSROOM FIELD TRIP - We bring a field trip into your classroom. It's not a sit-back-and-watch presentation but an engaging, hands-on experience with activities that are challenging, relevant and fun.

STEAM - It's a world of ideas and innovation. Math is a technical tool, math is a tool of exploration, math is a tool of art and expression.

EXPERIENCE - Since 1994 ENGINEERS TEACHING ALGEBRA has reached over 100,000 students in 1800 schools, 38 states. From his New Hampshire base Mark Love continues to work with students from middle school to college nationwide.